Lyngby Vikings wins CBE National Tour – Hillerød

CBE National Tour visited Hillerød May.
Lyngby Vikings entered the event with a seed as number 2, with the Danish team “Great Danes” holding the number 1 seed for the tournament.
In the qualifying rounds for the tournament playoffs, Lyngby Vikings didn’t lose a single map and as the tournament progressed the team seamed unstoppable.
In the Grand final of tournament Lyngby Vikings was up against Great Danes, and this match was no walk in the park, after winning the first map comfortably, the team suffered a defeat in the second map of the game.
It was now down to the third and last map, to decide witch of the two team that would walk away as the winners of CBE National Tour and a spot at the finals in Sønderborg.
As the final map progressed it looked like the team had no chance of winning the Grand final, at some point in the match Lyngby Viking was down 3-12 against Great Danes, and victory seemed so far away.
The team started to pick rounds one by one, and within 20 min. they had made the comeback, the match was now a draw 15-15 and was forced in to overtime.
With a great deal of help from the crowd, the team managed to get the victory with score of 19-16!

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